TenGO 2.0

The latest in text entry on mobile devices

TenGO is the fast and powerful mobile text entry method that is taking the world by storm. Based on the normal QWERTY keyboard, there is almost no learning required. In TenGO, you will work comfortably with BIG keys, with no sacrifice in screen display as you only have 6 Alphabet keys to type with.

TenGO's main features include:

  • Easy to manage 6 alphabet keys
  • Did we mention the keys were LARGE?
  • No compromise on display space
  • Same familiar keyboard layout - QWERTY!
  • Easy to learn and easy to become proficient
  • You can type for longer without getting tired

The principle behind TenGO is simple. The QWERTY character keys are grouped into 6 large input blocks so you need not aim precisely on the individual characters you wish to type. Fast, Efficient, and Simple to use, TenGO is the revolution in mobile text entry!

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TenGO 2.0

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